RF Connector 1.0/2.3 terminal solder type


CC4 series is DIN 1.0/2.3 coaxial connector series, it also be called SAA series. According to the DIN 47297-C and CECC 22230 standards, has been conceived for use on the compact structures used in modern transmission techniques, and for high performance/high reliability applications. Its reduced dimensions and high electrical qualities are made possible by the quality of the materials used during manufacturing.

Versions are available with threaded coupling mechanisms which provide positive mating or with a unique Push-Pull coupling system which allows quick installation.


Interface dimensions conformable to the Standards:

DIN 47297

CECC 22230



Push-Pull self-latching mechanism allows quick installation; will not disconnect during trouble shooting like competitor’s products.

Push-Pull self-latching offers safe coupling. locking mechanism will not vibrate loose as threaded connectors are prone to do.


Push-Pull self-latching connectors can be more densely packed saving panel space in components that are shrinking in size.

Slide-on connectors connect/disconnect quickly,greatly reduced installation time. It is adapted to high-density modularized installation.

CC4 series suit both 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm system.



1: Routers

2: Cable Assemblies

3: Switching equipment

4: Digital data service

5: Instrumentation



 Insertion loss




Production according as customer's requirements     ( RoHS Compliant )/(Accordance with ROHS)  Interface :


1.Body: GOLD PL.0.8μ"MIN. OVER NICKEL PL.100&m

Product Origin: China
Model Number: JH0543
Brand Name: JH

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