interconnect RF pigtail Cable SMA

interconnect RF pigtail Cable SMA

Production according to customer's requirements     ( RoHS Compliant )/(Accordance with ROHS)  Interface :SMA Terminal


1.Body: GOLD PL.0.8μ"MIN. OVER NICKEL PL.100μ" MIN. THICK OVER COPPER STRIKE or your request 
2.Contact pin: GOLD PL.0.8μ"MIN. OVER NICKEL PL.100μ" MIN. THICK OVER COPPER STRIKE or your request

3.Application(Suitable for) :  Common family used for GPRS, Blue-Tooth, Electronic Meter Equipment4.Packaging:    2PCS/ Per nylon bag  or your request

5.Material:  Body: brass or your request   Pin: brass or Phosphor Bronze or beryllium Bronze or  your request   Insulator: PTFE Or your request

6.Product name: 

                 LMR300  cable 1/2m. / SMA male  RP connector  on both  end


7.Match cable :   SYV-50-5 Coaxial Cable or any match cable of  your  request


8.Primary Competitive Advantages:

         ?LOW  dielectric constant
         ? Heat shrink flame rating

         ? LOW VSWR
         ? LOW Insertion loss
         ? LOW Return  loss
         ? Good sealing effectiveness

         ? Good Bend performance
         ?  Waterproof

         ? shielding effectiveness
         ? High power capacity

         ? connect reliable
         ? Plating antisepsis and abrasion resistant
         ?easy install
         ? Packaging  
         ? Price

         ? Product Features
         ? Product Performance
         ? Prompt Delivery

         ? Quality Approvals

         ? Reputation

         ? Service
         ? Green product

         ? Brand-name Parts

         ? Country of Origin
         ? Experienced Technical Staff

         ? Specifications  

         ? OEM  and  ODM
9.product range:universal model for international purpose: SMA?SMB?SMC?MCX?MMCX?SSMA?SSMB?SSMC?BNC?TNC?N?CC4 series which meet the technical standards of IEC169?MIL-C-39012?DIN;RF Coaxial Connector, model L6?Q6?L8?L10?L12?L16?SL16?L9?Q9?TAC?FL10 which meet the standards of GB and SJ as well as all kinds of cable assemblies and jumpers.

Each 2 Cable will be packed in nylon bag 
All cable have to be 100% tested for insertion and return losses
Please feel free to contact me

11. Production Capacity (Supply Ability):

12. Stock :yes

13. Specifications: Relocate your current Wi-Fi antenna to meet aesthetic needs and increase the performance of your wireless LAN network

14. After service: Production of all products according to customer's requirements ,such as belonging to the company confirmed the issue of product quality can be returned without conditions, or customer request for a change to meet the requirements of the product.

15. Better quality products at good values :

N-Male connector for LMR 400 Coaxial cable
BNC Male Connector
N-Connector (Male) for Minilink Radio (PLUG-IN Type)

F Connector compression RG11

F Connector compression RG6

F Connector twist on for RG11

F Connector Crimp for RG6

F Connector Crimp for RG11

Product Origin: China
Model Number: JH0987
Brand Name: JH

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Contact Person: Helen sui
Address: Xinfeng Town, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China
Zip: 212142
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Fax: 86-511-83516842

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